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Business name:

Restaurante Don Wang (means King of the East)
since 1991



2233-6484        &      2223-5925


Address in Costa Rican style:

San Jose, from AyA 100 meter East and 150 meters north, right next to Billy Murillo Parking lot.
(San Jose, 11th Street, between 6th and 8th Avenues, right next to Billy Murillo Parking lot.)


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Authentic Chinese food, delicious Japanese dishes, Thailand and India style curries, Chinese fondue, Hong Kong style dim sum, seafood and a variety of vegetarian dishes. Dim Sum are all traditional Chinese snack special to accompany with the tea, which are mostly cooked by steaming and some are fried. Around 50 different dishes, and we serve them all day long.


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Between the 1.300 & 17.000 + taxes not included


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